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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Romans 4:1-25
In chapter 3:21-26 Paul explained the gospel of justification by faith, but how does that fit with the Old Testament? Now in chapter 4, Paul shows how justification has always been by faith, as we can see in the life of Abraham. The true descendants of Abraham and heirs to the promises made to Abraham are all those who share in Abraham’s faith, regardless of their race.



  1. How would you define faith?
  2. What is the difference between believing in God and believing God? Is this difference significant?
  3. How does God view your status right now, and on what basis?
  4. What difference does justification by faith make for us practically in how we think and behave?
  5. Paul holds up Abraham as a model of faith for us. What can we learn from his faith?