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You're invited to join us in a 28-day bible reading plan through the final week of Jesus. Please find the downloadable reading plan below and watch the video of Pastor Cory telling us more about the purpose of the reading plan! 

What is the final week of Jesus? 
The final week of Jesus is recorded for us in all four Gospels and it refers to the events that took place from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday (Easter). As we approach Easter 2021 it is our desire to encourage you to read through a harmony of the Gospel accounts concerning the final week of Jesus. To help you do this, we have created a 28 day Bible reading plan for you to follow that begins on Monday, March 8th, and concludes through to Easter Sunday, April 4th.  
As you read you will be taking a 28-day journey, in chronological order, through the final week of Jesus that took place in history from Sunday March 29 AD 33 to Sunday April 5 AD 33. 
How can I use this reading plan?
Feel free to use it however you wish, but here are a few suggestions to consider: 
  • Read through it daily with your family (we recommend focusing on just the Gospel of Mark for family devotions).
  • Read through it daily and plan to have a weekly conversation with a friend who is also reading through the plan. Make it a time of fellowship. 
  • Read through it daily on your own and ask the Lord to speak to you each day. 
We are excited to offer you this Bible reading plan. We would love to hear about your experience with the plan and what the Lord teaches you.