Steve Kroeker
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Elijah was no different than us. This is the startling conclusion that James makes in James 5:17. In the most evil of Israel’s days, God sent an ordinary man named Elijah to confront the darkness and show God’s sovereign power. Though he often stood alone against the darkness, he was never truly on his own. For nine weeks starting May 12, we will explore the life of Elijah and learn of God’s sovereignty, providence, patience and mercy.

May 12: In the Darkest of Days... (1 Kings 16:29-17:7)
May 19: Our Daily Bread (1 Kings 17:8-16)
May 26: Raising the Dead (1 Kings 17:17-24)
June 2: The Real Troublemaker (1 Kings 18:1-19)
June 9: No God But God (1 Kings 18:20-46)
June 16: Elijah Alone (1 Kings 19:1-21)
June 23: Payday Someday (1 Kings 21:1-29)
June 30: Lord of Flies (2 Kings 1:1-18)
July 7: Chariots of Fire (2 Kings 2:1-14)