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After much prayerful consideration, our church leadership has made the decision to reopen on a trial basis for First Thursday, our monthly worship and prayer night, on June 4th at 7pm. We are cautiously excited about this evening as we finally have the opportunity to gather in person. For the first time in months we will be able to pray, sing, and worship together in our church sanctuary. 

However, we need to alert you that we will be strictly complying with current government requirements for public gatherings. These are as follows:

  1. The maximum number of people we are allowed to have in the building is 50. To ensure we don’t have to turn anyone away, we are asking that you contact us if you intend to come by emailing and let us know how many will be with you.
  2. When you arrive at the church, we must practice social distancing. Therefore, we are asking that you make every effort to keep at least 2 meters (6 feet) away from others who are not in your household. The seating in the sanctuary will be set up in such a way that this distancing will be enforced.
  3. Please use the hand sanitizer machines as soon as you enter the foyer.
  4. Due to sanitation and distancing concerns, we are closing restrooms for this one evening only as we adjust to new protocols in this our first public gathering.
  5. You may want to either wear a mask or bring one with you if at any time you feel social distancing could be compromised. This is optional and at your personal discretion.
  6. If you are showing any symptoms of illness we would ask that you respect the health of others and not attend.

Thank you for your cooperation with the above requirements. Despite these changes to the norm, we are trusting God will bless our time together and rekindle our passion for gathering as a community of believers.

In addition to this live gathering we will also live-stream this evening, as we understand that many will not be able or ready to gather in person at this time. You will find our live-stream link directly on our homepage or on our YouTube channel.