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To my church family at Tsawwassen Alliance Church,

Over the past year, I have spent considerable time reflecting on my ministry, my calling, and what lies ahead for me and my family. During my time of processing, I have had a growing sense that change may be on the horizon. Over the past few months, I began to explore the possibilities more seriously and as a result, an opportunity presented itself that I and my family believe God has led us to for the next season of our lives. As a result, this past week, I formally submitted my resignation to Cory and the Elders, and they have graciously accepted it. Additionally, I accepted an offer to join the staff team at Christ City Church in East Vancouver and will begin working with them beginning in July.

In light of an upcoming move to Vancouver, a wedding in our family, and a need for a couple weeks buffer between ministry appointments, the Elders have kindly agreed to allow me to wrap up my time at Tsawwassen Alliance at the end of May.

Some twenty years ago, when we arrived at Tsawwassen Alliance we were graciously welcomed and quickly came to love this church family. Little did I know that 5 -1/2 years later I would join the staff team and work for many years and in a variety of roles. When I began in ministry, I was uneducated, ill-equipped, and insecure, many years later, some might argue I am leaving just as a came….but seriously, you were patient as I learned, supportive through the ups and downs, and generous in a multitude of ways. I have benefitted greatly through your kindness, encouragement, and help, and would not be stepping into a new ministry position without having your partnership throughout the years. I am most grateful to you.

There are so many people I have served alongside, staff members and those in ministries who have encouraged me greatly as you’ve used your gifts to bless the church and magnify Jesus. I have been honoured to work with you and will greatly miss serving with you. I thank you for many years of meaningful ministry.

To the Elders of our church, thank you for taking care of me and my family throughout the years, for your patience with me, your support in my development, for bearing with me through challenging times, for your wisdom, your guidance, and your grace.

To Pastor Cory, thank you for being good to me over this past year. I am blessed to have had this time to get to know you.

I’d also like to acknowledge Pastor Steve who I served under for 10 years. I am most grateful for how God has used him in my life.

My family and I have been profoundly impacted through many significant relationships and find ourselves most grateful for the grace we have received through this church family. It is hard for us to say goodbye and we sincerely hope to stay in touch.

In all of this, we acknowledge that God has been good to us, and ultimately, He is the one to be honoured and praised. To Him be the glory forever, Amen.