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As Mr. Blaine said we spent two weeks “drinking water from a fire hose.” For two weeks everything we saw and smelled was new, there were new tastes, and even new emotions. We were also constantly surrounded not only by God’s people but evidence of His work and His presence. We saw him restore our own team members from sickness to health but furthermore we saw clear evidence of His ongoing work to bring healing and restoration to a dark and broken country. So coming home is challenging. It’s so exciting to sleep in your own bed and spend time with family that was so greatly missed, however as we come home it can be easy to lose something. That is the constant reminder of God’s work and redemption, even in our own community. In Cambodia we were always looking for the ways God was moving, and often it was very clear to see God moving because of the vast contrast of His light and the darkness and brokenness. For example the week of English Camp we would spend our day with kids overflowing with joy and an incredible passion for Christ. However, not only did each and every one of those kids have a reason to be at rescue, we would then head back to our hotel to be reminded of the darkness with the sights and sounds of a KTV (Karaoke TV Bar) operating in our hotel which was a front for trafficking. This was challenging, being so surrounded by dark, however it reminded us that God was redeeming his children from a dark past and the possibility of a dark future, enslaved in trafficking, through place of rescue. It can be hard to remember as we return to our daily lives that we are serving the same God here in Tsawwassen as the God we were serving in Cambodia and he is working in the same ways. Mike Yankoski says in his book Under the Overpass “I wonder if pretending you’re not broken keeps God at a distance” and I think this is why I struggle so much more to see God’s healing and redemptive work not only in my community but in my own life. I don’t like to admit that I’m broken and need healing, and I especially don’t like to admit that I can’t bring that healing myself but need God to do it for me. In Cambodia our entire team needed to lean on God for a new grace each and every day and we still do, it’s just hard to admit in our independent, picturesque culture. So please continue to pray for our team as we transition back into our daily lives that we would allow God to continue to work in our hearts as he did in Cambodia. Pray that God would further reveal himself to us as walk in His ways.