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Last Sunday we wrapped up our 5-week series on the Northern Kingdom of Israel. This Sunday we begin a 4-week series on some of the great prophets. As we take a look at these prophets and the message God gave them, we see a picture of salvation through Jesus.

Each Sunday we want to connect our Bible story back to Christ. Sometimes the image is crystal clear for kids, and other times it’s more conceptual, making it tougher for some of our younger kids to understand. So why do we do it, if only some of the kids get it? Well, I think there is value in us bringing our kids up thinking in this manner – looking for Jesus through the history of the Old Testament. The day will come when they will understand the connection we’re making, and until then I think there is lots for them to learn as they hear us making the connection for them. So we press on, knowing that right now the younger kids in our classes are learning more about the people and events of God’s big story, and as they grow up, they will begin to understand more and more of God’s big plan: the plan for Jesus from the very beginning.