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Hebrews is for the spiritually lethargic, those who have grown stale in the faith. It is for those who have become busy and distracted and so neglect the weekly gathering of God’s people. It is for those who are looking for an easier life than the one that Jesus is calling us to. It is for those who want to be a Christian, but also to fit in with our culture and not suffer shame for their faith. It is for those who think that all religions are basically the same. It is for those who are spiritually drifting. In short, Hebrews is for all of us. It is a powerful exhortation calling all those who claim to follow Jesus to see him as supreme and to run with endurance the race set before us with eyes on Jesus.

As we begin a new year, we open the book of Hebrews and pray that God will give us new eyes to see the supremacy of Jesus and new passion to run the life of faith with endurance.