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We are excited to have Dr. Joseph D'souza of DFN coming to share with us at our worship service Sunday June 1st.  We hope you will join us to hear how God is moving through this special ministry with the Dalit people in India.

Who are the Dalits?

The Dalit people — also known as "Untouchables" — have been the most oppressed caste for over 3,000 years, living at the bottom of India’s rigid social order. The word "Dalit" means "broken, ground-down, downtrodden, or oppressed." Dalits comprise about ¼ of the population of India: that’s seven times the entire population of Canada.

How did Dalit Freedom Network Start?

On November 4, 2001, the Dalit community gathered in New Delhi to express their cry for freedom. On that day, Indian leaders of faith stood in solidarity with the Dalits, believing together that education and an ideology of personal and spiritual freedom and acceptance are the keys to finding liberation. This led to the formation of Dalit Freedom Network International.

Dr. Joseph D’souza

Dr. D’souza founded DFN USA in 2002 and currently serves as DFN’s International President. Today there are DFN offices in Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, and partner offices in nearly 25 nations. Dr. D’souza is also the President of the All India Christian Council, one of the largest interdenominational coalitions of Christians in India that deal with national and human rights issues.