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Based on the account of the birth of Jesus Christ that is given in the Gospel of Matthew, ‘The Story of Christmas’ is a sermon series designed to remind us of the greatest story ever told. We will begin where Matthew begins as he takes us back to the past to understand how Jesus is connected to God’s grand story in Scripture. As the series unfolds, we will focus on the birth of Jesus, the characters surrounding his birth, and where we fit into this story. We hope you will join us each Sunday from November 29th-December 20th and Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. 

We want to let you know we will be having invitations here at the church that we encourage you to hand out to people you know and don't know. This is a way of inviting them into the Truth of what the Christmas season is all about. Those invites will be available starting this Sunday, November 22nd. Sign-up to join us in person below.