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As many of you are aware, this week the BC Government announced new restrictions on worship services effective immediately.  The one that is most applicable to us here at TAC is a new mandate that masks must be worn by all attendees over the age of 5 before, during, and after the Sunday morning service.  As Elders, regardless of our personal views, we feel it is only right to follow the instructions of our elected officials at this point in time.  Therefore, beginning this Sunday (December 5th) masks will be required for all in attendance for the entire time we are gathered in the church building.  

We do recognize that this is a very divisive issue even within our church community.  Some of you might be receiving this news with angst and even anger.  Others are probably relieved that restrictions are getting tighter in anticipation of an increased threat from the omicron variant. But wherever you may fall on this continuum, we are asking that everyone exercise patience and love with one another. So we are humbly, as leaders, asking each of you to exercise grace and compassion for all who call TAC their church home – for we are more than just a home, we are a family!