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The Pastoral Search Team has done an excellent job and completed their task by providing a recommendation to the Board of Elders. The Elders have reviewed their recommendation, conducted their own evaluation, and decided to invite an applicant for candidating. We are pleased to announce Mr Cory Anderson has agreed to candidate at TAC for the role of Lead Pastor.

Cory, a Canadian currently living in Utah, has agreed to be with us for three weeks; so his time here will include the mandatory two week self-isolation period. He will be arriving on Wednesday, June 17th and will be participating in virtual meetings while isolated until July 1st. Afterwards, there will be opportunities to meet and hear Cory over the following few days.

Due to the extended interview period, his wife Trina will not be joining him in person. Cory & Trina have four children, aged from mid-teens to early-twenties.


We are working on a plan to open the church on a regular basis in July. This will enable congregation to meet at the church in limited numbers to remain within COVID restrictions.


We continue to be in a good financial position with slightly reduced giving being matched by reduced expenses.


Repairs to the church auditorium are underway with plans to complete in the next few weeks.