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Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of November 17, 2019    

Discussion Questions:  

1.     Read Colossians 1:24-29 together as a small group. What are some things that stood out to you from this passage and/or from Sunday’s sermon? What was one bit of application you are seeking to apply to your life?


2.     Read v. 24. What are some ways we suffer as Christians in the greater Vancouver area?

a.      Are there times you’ve been tempted to avoid suffering at the cost of wavering in your God given mission? How might a Biblical understanding of suffering change the way you live your life?

b.     What are some reasons we can rejoice in the midst of suffering?


3.     Read v. 25-28. Paul felt his ministry was to reveal the mystery of Christ to the gentiles.

a.      To whom do you feel God is calling you to minister? How can others support you in this task?

b.     Read verse 28. We are told that everyone is to hear the message. Which people do you find most difficult to share the message with?

c.      How do you feel God is calling you to join in the global cause of missions?

d.     If the mission is to proclaim the gospel, what is the role of doing acts of mercy and caring for the hurting?


4.     Read v. 29. Where do you currently feel like you’re in the midst of great “toil”?

a.      How might you lean more on the power and energy that God supplies instead of your own?

b.     If we are depending on God’s power and yet still don’t experience the results we desire, what might that mean?


5.     Spend time praying for each other, and specifically for the areas God has called each of you to be on mission.