Matthew 4:1-11

Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of March 1, 2020    


Read Matthew 4:1-11

Pray for insight and wisdom as you talk and study together 


Discussion Questions:

1. What is Lent? How have you experienced it, or not experienced it, in your Christian journey?

2. In 4:1-2 Jesus is taken into the desert and tempted for forty days. Where else in the scriptures do we see these themes of ‘forty days’ and the ‘desert’? What might this mean for the way we interpret this passage? 

3. Jesus is tempted with three things, what are they and what do you think they represent? 

4. How are these temptations applicable to your Christian journey? 

5. As we begin the journey toward the death and resurrection of Jesus, and walk with him along this path, do you think there is something you could fast that will help you focus your heart and mind on Christ? 

6. How might God be trying to shape you more into his image over this lenten season? More humility? More generosity? More patience? Begin today by asking him how he wants you to journey over the next number of weeks.