I Peter 1:1-12

We're beginning a two month series in I Peter with Ryan. We hope you'll join us for our live-stream as we get started with I Peter 1:1-12. You may want to read the passage in advance to familiarize yourself with the text. We will also be celebrating communion together. If you plan on participating, we would encourage you to prepare the elements in advance.

CCLI #20119037


Pray and ask God to illuminate his word to you and the group.   

  1. What kind of suffering were Peter's recipients bearing up under? How is that different than our present suffering? How is it the same? 
  2. What difference does it make in our experience of suffering that our ultimate hope is 'imperishable, undefiled, and unfading'? 
  3. In verse 7, what does it suggest that our trials and sufferings do for us?
  4. What is the connection between the sufferings of Christ and our own sufferings? How are these two things connected? 
  5. What could you use prayer for today?