Community Group Questions  

1. Read John 13:1-17 together as a small group. How did the Holy Spirit convict, challenge or encourage you through this passage? Do you have any remaining questions regarding this text?

2. Read v. 1-2. In your mind, what are some ways we can evaluate how much someone loves others?

     a. See verses 4-5. What are some aspects of Jesus’ love you feel most appreciative of?

3. Read v. 6-11.

     a. To which of Peter’s responses do you tend to lean towards? i.e. Do you normally find yourself minimizing and rejecting your need for help, or do you tend to minimize the effect and permanence of Jesus’ help?

     b. See Romans 3:21-26, 5:1 + John 1:19, If our sins (past, present and future) have been forgiven on the cross, why ought we still confess our sins?

     c. If you more fully believed that Jesus’ loved you to the uttermost, how would it change your life?

4. Read v. 12-17.

     a. What are some ways you find it difficult to love like Jesus?

     b. How and who do you feel God has put on your heart to love as a result of this passage?

     c. Spend time as a group praying for one another and specifically that God would empower you to shine the light of His glory as you love others like He loved you.