Matthew 3:1-12

Medium Notes

Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of December 8, 2019    


Read Matthew 3:1-12; Isaiah 40:1-5  


Discussion Questions:  


1.    How do these scriptures relate to each other? How does Isaiah 40 help us understand the role of John the Baptist? 


2.    What is John calling his hearers to repent of in Matthew 3:2? 


3.    What does John mean when he says (Matt 3:3) the Kingdom of Heaven is near?


4.    Why does Matthew include notes on John’s appearance? How does this help us understand him and his role? 


5.    Why does John call the pharisees ‘brood of vipers’? 


6.    In 3:9 John says that they should not rely on their status as Abraham’s children. What does this mean and how might this be applied to us as Jesus-followers? 


7.    What does 3:11 tell us about how John understands himself in relationship to Jesus? 


8.    What is the difference between the baptism of John and the baptism of Jesus (Matt 3:11-12) 


9.    How does reflection on this passage help us as we prepare our hearts, this advent, for the coming of Jesus?