James 1:19-27

Medium Notes

Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of January 12, 2020    


Read James 1:19-27

Say a prayer that God would open your heart to hear His voice from the Epistle of James   


Discussion Questions:  


1. What aspects of the passage confuse you or do you find interesting? 


2. James is speaking about the ‘word’ being implanted in us (vs 21). What does this mean? 


3. What illustration does James use to help us understand the relationship between ‘hearing’ and ‘doing’? 


4. If the underlying encouragement James is offering is about the relationship between hearing and doing, how does that help us understand, or inform, verses 26 and 27? 


5. After reading, thinking, and praying about this passage, how would you describe what ‘true religion’ is?