James 2:1-13

Medium Notes

Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of January 19, 2020    


Read James 2:1-13

Say a prayer that God would open your heart to hear His voice from the Epistle of James   



Discussion Questions:  


1. Sum up the different sections of the passage in your own words: 2:1; 2:2-4; 2:5-7; 2:8-13 


2. In verse 1, it seems that showing partiality toward one person/group over another goes against the gospel of Jesus. Why is this? What is the contradiction between partiality and the gospel? 


3. In verses 2-4 James highlights a distinction that is being made between the rich and the poor. While this will always be a problem (“The poor shall be with us always!”), what are some distinctions that are made in our church of which we may need to repent? 


4. What do you think it means that the poor are ‘heirs of the kingdom’? 


5. Why is what the rich are doing (vrs 6& 7) called ‘blasphemy’? 


6. What is the connection between loving your neighbour as yourself and partiality (vrs 8-9)? 


7. In this context what does it mean for ‘mercy to triumph over judgement’?