James 2:14-26

Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of January 26, 2020    


Read James 2:14-26

Say a prayer that God would open your heart to hear His voice from the Epistle of James   


Discussion Questions:  

1. In verse 14, what does James mean by the question, “Can that faith save him?” 


2. How does our passage today connect with the previous passages? 


3. What is the relationship between faith and works in this passage? Can you have one without the other? 


4. What is James trying to say by referring to the ‘shema’ (Lord our God is one) and shuddering demons? 


5. What illustrations does James give from the Old Testament as examples of what true faith looks like? What words stick out to you in the passage that help to clarify the meaning for us? 


6. What challenges does this text give you personally?