James 3:13-4:12

Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of February 9, 2020    


Read James 3:13-4:12

Say a prayer that God would open your heart to hear His voice from the Epistle of James   


Discussion Questions:  

1.      In verses 13-18 James speaks about two kinds of wisdom; describe the differences between these two kinds of wisdom. 

2.      How do you think verses 13-18 are connected to the previous passage 3:1-12 on taming the tongue? How do these verses (13-18) help us with the challenges of verses 1-12?

3.      Where does James root ‘quarrels and fights’ in the church?

4.      How would you summarise 4:1-10? What is the main message James is trying to communicate?

5.      There is a theme of submission in the text: submitting to passions and/or submitting to God. Try to articulate the difference between these two and the outcomes of each.

6.      What are you personally hearing for your own life from this text? How might God be calling you to grow, change, adjust the way you live?

7.      What might God be saying to us as a church through this text?