John 4:5-42

Join us for worship, prayer, and preaching in this third week of our Lent series: To Know Him is to Worship Him. Read John 4:5-42 and listen as Mark Tubbs unpacks this passage for us.

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Community Group Discussion Questions

For the week of March 15, 2020    


Read John 4:5-42

Pray that the Spirit would open your heart and mind to what He wants you all to see in this passage.  


Discussion Questions:

1. How do different people seek to satisfy their hungers and thirsts in life?

2. How similar and how different are the prejudices and polarizations in contemporary society from the Jews and the Samaritans?

3. Without reading too much into the text, what does John really reveal about the woman, and what can we learn from her?

4. What did Jesus mean by "living water" and what did he say would be the result of drinking the water he offered?

5. How does this example of Jesus' foreknowledge help us cope with events such as virus outbreaks and health scares? (As you answer, focus on Christ not Corona)

6. Does it comfort you to know that Jesus need physical and spiritual nourishment like we do? Why?

7. What is the relationship between worshipping in spirit and truth, and witnessing in order to sow and reap?

8. In what ways can we ensure that we meet with Jesus so that we can worship and witness faithfully?