Matthew 21:1-11

Palm Sunday, the climatic lead-up to Easter weekend. Join us for the culmination of our Lent series as Ryan shares from Matthew 21:1-11. We encourage you to read through the passage in preparation.

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  1. What is Palm Sunday all about? What do we think about and celebrate on this day of the Christian year?
  2. What is the significance of Jesus riding on a Donkey, rather than, say a war horse? What might this mean for the kind of king Jesus is?
  3. Why did people spread their cloaks on the road?
  4. Why did they wave branches? What did this symbolise?
  5. Why is it significant that Jesus was called ‘the Son of David’? (Note: 2 Samuel 7)
  6. How does Palm Sunday prepare us for Easter Sunday?
  7. What does Palm Sunday mean for your life and the life of the world at present?