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TAC Youth is for anyone and everyone in grades 8-12. If that's you, join us on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm! We want you to feel welcome, cared for, able to relax and be yourself here. Our goal is to make you feel part of the family. 

Due to COVID, we have had to change things up a little bit at our weekly gatherings. Here are some things to expect when you come to join us! 

  • You are welcome here. We want you for where you're at and wherever that is, we welcome it! 
  • Jesus is who we are all about. 
  • Please stay home if you are showing any signs of illness.
  • Masks are  recommended to wear one at all times except for when we are eating and drinking.
  • Hand sanitizer is to be used upon entering the building. 
  • It is mandatory that we keep a record of attendance for your safety 
  • Social distancing of 6ft will be maintained with others who are not in your immediate household.
  • Games/activities will be modified in order to maintain the above protocols. 
  • Drop off and pick up will have a different procedure to minimize congestion at the doors. Parents will need to be ready in the parking lot to pick up their youth promptly at 9pm.
  • There is going to be large-group time in our sanctuary where space allows for proper social distancing. For small group time, we will be in larger spaces to allow for social distancing as well. 
  • We have protocols in place for where social distancing is not possible (ie. washroom). Here, the number of people is limited and masks are to be worn. 
  • You will need to have a General Waiver signed by a legal guardian at the beginning of the school year. These waivers are only good for one school year. You can find the downloadable version at the bottom of this webpage.

Updates will be posted through our Instagram page @tacyouth

We want to get to know you but let's start with you getting to know us first!
Jared McMillan
Nickname: Jimmy

Hey guys, my name is Jared McMillan, I am 24 and work here in delta as a firefighter. I love sports, exploring the outdoors and drumming. One fun fact about me is I’ve been skydiving... and I would hands down do it again!

Natalie Connors

Hi friends! My name’s Natalie. I’m originally from Calgary, but now live in Tsawwassen with my husband, Bryce. I am currently completing my Master’s of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology at UBC, and also working part-time as a Nanny for two fun boys! I have a passion to see youth come to know and love Jesus - and truthfully, wish I had had something like TAC youth when I was growing up - so that’s why I’m here. Hope to see you soon! 

Isaac Foord

Hi, my name is Isaac Foord. I am 25 years old and I work in the sale of development land and investment properties in the Lower Mainland. I am drawn to volunteering with the TAC Youth program so that I can be a positive Christian influence in someone's life that I didn't have when I was a youth. I believe this ministry could have saved me a lot of mistakes in my childhood, and I hope to do the same for someone else.

Sarah Bowker

Hi! My name is Sarah Bowker, I'm 24 years old and I'm hoping to start my first year of university this September. I have 7 siblings and they are all around the world! I'm married and have a 5 years old daughter. I'm originally from Iraq and I came all the way from Jordan 2 years ago. I absolutely love living in Canada! I feel that Jesus wants to use me and my testimony to help others know him and his love, and of course for me to grow more in him!

Aaron Parker

Hey Guys! My name is Aaron Parker, I am 24 years old currently working out in Vancouver as an electrician.  When I was in youth my leaders had such a positive and impactful meaning in my life and now I want to give that back to kids in our community. A fun fact about me is that I used to play football at Simon Fraser University.

Czarina Foord

My name is Czarina. I’m 26 and I’m a Land Surveyor. I love surfing, although I’m not the best at it. I look forward to getting to know everyone and growing my relationship with Jesus with you guys!

Kurtis Thompson

Hey everyone, my name is Kurtis Thompson, I was born and raised in Vancouver BC and currently, I work as a Paramedic with BCEHS. I have been a Youth Leader at TAC for about five years and I am extremely excited to hang out with each and every one of you this year. Jesus is the center, the answer to all of life’s big questions, and It is my hope that through this time together each one of us would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a new, and personal way. See you all soon!

Lyle Babcock
Nickname: Uncle Buck

I’m 76 years old. I was born in Cadillac. Not the car, the town in Saskatchewan. A lot of things have changed in my world, like the use of plastic, aluminum, and electricity. Some things have not changed; like the desire to know answers to the big questions. Why am I here? Where am I going? The best answer to these questions can be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. My desire is to see students learn about and know Jesus, who loves them, and I want to help be a part of that.

Mackenzie Connors
Nickname: Jimmy

Hey guys! My name is Mackenzie Connors, I am 24 years old currently working out in Whiterock as a registered nurse in the emergency department. I felt called a long time ago to support and hang out with TAC's Youth Ministry. I was both supported and mentored “thoroughly” when I was in Youth and would love to extend that to others. One fun fact about me, I know how to sail and have done it months at a time.


You can receive updates through our weekly mailing list, Parent Connect! If you are not signed up please email and let Brooke (our Office Administrator) know that you would like to receive these emails! Please remember to join us Sunday mornings at 10 AM for our live-stream worship gathering as well! Check us out on Vimeo or YouTube.

Our Youth Ministry is overseen by our Interim Youth Leader, Capri Alton. For more information on our Youth Ministry, please contact Capri at the church office (604.943.6148) or 

REMINDER: Please have a General Waiver completed and handed in at the Church Office or bring it to a Wednesday night. This waiver is for ON-SITE Wednesday nights and needs to be on record for the safety of the student. Link below!

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