Grades 8-12


Last week Capri shared on the battle of Jericho but more specifically the life of Rahab and how God used her in His plan to conquer the city but more importantly how He used her as part of the lineage of Jesus. Join us this week as we talk about David, who he is and how God worked through him. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: November 22/23 there is the 604 Network Conference- Into the Awakening. Location is at Glad Tidings Church. Tickets are available now so please go ahead and buy those before they sell out!


Youth are encouraged to join the church family Sundays at 10am to worship, and to learn, and to grow together.


TAC Youth is a place for students to bring their questions, be part of a community, play crazy games, and most importantly connect with Jesus. TAC Youth meet Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm (September-June). Be sure to join us as we kickoff the year on 

In addition to our regular Wednesday nights, we have lots of other fun events, including camping at Cultus Lake (June 2020).


Our Youth Ministry is overseen by our Interim Youth Leader, Capri Alton. For more information on our Youth Ministry, please contact Capri at the church office (604.943.6148) or 

REMINDER: Please have a General Waiver completed and handed in at the Church Office or bring it to a Friday night. This waiver is for ON SITE Friday nights and needs to be on record for the safety of the student. Link below!  

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