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What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?



Read Ezekiel 38-39

Few OT passages have seen so many attempts to interpret them in light of current events as this passage. But these attempts to identify a specific fulfillment of Gog are misguided. For the exiles, God is giving a powerful vision that would bring hope and comfort. When God does bring about his final work of restoration, it will be accompanied with the removal of all that would threaten his peace and reign. In the end, God wins.


Discussion Questions

  1. Who was this vision for and what did it intend to communicate to them? In light of that, how should we hear it and apply it?

  2. How does God receive glory when evil is punished? Is God’s glory diminished when evil goes unpunished?

  3. What are the events or threats in our world that concern you most? How can we apply this passage to those situations?

  4. How does God’s defeat of Gog give hope to believers in their difficult circumstances?