Our mission extends beyond South Delta with key partnerships around the world. While there are endless opportunities and good endeavours we could take part in, we focus our global mission efforts on these four strategic partnerships.




Our church supports the work of Ratanak International, addressing the needs of the poor, abused, and exploited in Cambodia. We also support the work of the C&MA International Workers in Cambodia. 



Our church supports the work of Galcom International Canada in order to extend the reach and multiply the impact of missionaries and pastors around the world. They do this by providing and installing radio studio and broadcasting equipment in some of the most remote locations on the globe and manufacturing and supplying solar-powered, fix-tuned radios and audio Bibles. Galcom supports their missionary partners by organizing radio station installation teams and short-term evangelism and radio distribution teams. More details about Galcom are available at www.galcom.org or by sending an email to galcom@galcom.org.